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Mega slot machines – biggest winnings or biggest disappointment?

All you need to know

This is topic that you might not have expected, I know. However, I have been hearing different opinions about mega slot machines, and I decided to write what I think about it. Please remember that this is my opinion, so you can comment below if yours is different. Well, the main question is whether these machines are worth our time? Some players claim that they are a total disappointment, while others defend them. So, what is it all about?

First things first, like they say. People are used to always winning. I’d say that it is a fact. Therefore, they tend to get very upset if that does not happen. My theory is that they did not win on mega slot machines, and now they are angry. Well, it is understandable, but I would not call the machines a disappointment. In my opinion, that is just a little bit too far.

Spilling the truth


Well, a disappointment is a very strong word. Players sometimes get used to the 5 stars quality and then get disappointed if that’s not it. However, it should not be like that. I have played on mega slot machines, and I can tell you that they are not that bad. Sure, maybe it is not as good as starburst or thunderstruck, but it has its moments. Every game has some fans who love it, and mega slot machines are not an exception.

Now, let’s talk about winnings. Honestly, I would not say that mega slot machines have the biggest ones. I am not sure if you can win millions on it, but it is still fine. I’d say that these machines are quite a good way to spend your time and still win money. Don’t expect to become a millionaire in a second, but you will have fun. However, is that now what it should be about? That makes mega slot machines perfect!

Time to change

mega moolah

On the other hand, why are we so judgmental? Playing casino games should be about having fun and getting that excitement. I feel like we are moving away from that, and it is not good. We used to be fascinated by all casino games, and we need to bring it back. That is why I recommend trying mega slot machines. You will be taken back to the years when we still appreciated everything we had. I think that is the right way of living. These machines can actually serve a good purpose.

I am not telling you to forget your beloved games, but trying something simple like mega slot machines can be valuable. For example, it is still very enjoyable and can put things into perspective. I’d say it is a bit nostalgic. Let’s make everything simple again in this community! I think the world is already so complicated. So, why do we spend time thinking that we need only some exclusive things? I truly hope we have not lost the ability to enjoy the simple ones. Am I right this time?

Facts and myths about IGT slot machines

Face the facts

I have to admit that lately I have been hearing a lot about IGT slot machines. However, some of the information sounded confusing and a little bit weird, so I decided to double check it. Well, it turns out that there is so much wrong information going around that I felt the need to correct it. I just do not want any of you to be unsure about what is real and what is a lie. That is why today we will talk about that for a minute.

Revealing the myths

igt slot machine

Firstly, IGT slot machines do not make you lose on purpose. This is something that I heard a lot from players who have only tried slots once and then gave up. No company makes you lose on purpose, and that is something that we should all remember in this community. It is actually quite easy to win slots if you bring your luck with you. Honestly, you cannot really prepare for slots. All you need is some luck! People should not think of it personally, since attacking a brand is not the right move.

Also, the deals and offers on IGT slot machines are completely true. Sometimes a casino will let you play for free just to try out a game. There is honestly no catch there, so just enjoy it while you can. No need to start a witch hunt in the 21st century! Think of it as a small gift from the casino and use it while it is available. Not everyone gets these deals.

In a real-life casino, it does not matter where the IGT slot machines are. Some think that a lot depends on the place of the slot machine, but that is so untrue. Honestly, most of the myths bring me back to the basic idea of being lucky. That’s what people sometimes do not want to understand. Well, not every day can be a lucky one. Sometimes we just need to come back with a fresh mind, and that is all it will take to win.

Simple truths

slot machines

IGT slot machines are known for their high-quality games all around the world. Actually, a lot of professional players know this brand name by heart. It has become a cult favourite for a good reason. All those myths are just ridiculous when you think about it. There are so many different slots these days, but I can always know that these ones will not disappoint me. You will never get average or mediocre slots from IGT. Trust me on this one.

This company has been giving us great slots for so many years that they might have been my first ones. A real player knows the worth of IGT slot machines, and that already says a lot. How about we just forget the silly rumours and pick a good old slots game to play tonight? Well, which one will it be this time? Let me know how it goes and if there is anything else that you would like me to talk about.

Casino Security

How to choose a safe and reliable casino?

Many people access the internet with a certain degree of personal distrust in various areas (internet banking, buying goods, entering any personal data, etc.). Online casino combines several of these “aspects” in its service, and is sometimes (mostly unjustifiably) associated with cheating or unfair negotiation.

That’s why many internet gamers are worried about the internet. In the clear majority of cases, however, these concerns are unjustified, and the most serious casinos are usually as secure and monitored as Internet banking.

As in any field, there are, of course, online casinos, which are better avoided due to their opaque or dubious behaviour.

The question, then, is how to distinguish safe game portals from their not quite safe counterparts.

Features of safe casinos

safe casinos

Fortunately, there are easy-to-understand features and procedures that enable players to differentiate between these casinos.

When looking at, for example, internet poker rooms, look for those that provide security information on their site.

Companies like Verisign or Thawte Security are renowned and cooperate with them (e.g. due to encryption capabilities), such as the US Department of Defence, General Electric or Lufthansa Airlines.

The most esteemed casinos on their introductory pages show co-operation with such security companies or independent auditors (such as international consulting firms) who regularly check online casinos.

That’s a good sign of security, don’t you think?

RNG, algorithms and other tools to protect your security


In addition, the casino uses different algorithms – random number generators that randomly classify cards and hand them better than any person in the casino could ever do.

With the growing popularity of online casinos and online poker rooms, competition is growing. Ensuring security and disclosure of security information is therefore in the interests of the casino. Internet casinos not only have the same game monitoring tools and anti-cheating as a casino, they also have a number of other electronic measurements that make the internet version even more reliable than real “live” games.

If you follow the advice above, you will certainly not encounter any fraudulent behaviour. Still, if you encounter any “non-standard” or unfair deal or other problem at the casino, let us know. Together, we would solve this problem, and the warn other readers of

behave online casino

How (NOT) to behave at online casino?

We have prepared some brief tips on what to do or not do at the online casino (even the online casino has its own label), what to expect from the game, and so on. We hope that these tips will be beneficial to you and that you will follow them.

Count on losing

losing casino

The right decisions or the good strategy cannot guarantee you win (remember that the probability always favours the casino). There are a lot of strategies which also lead to big wins, but do not expect to win every time. Always evaluate any losses and be prepared for them.

Familiarize yourself with legislation

Online gaming is not legal in all countries, so get to know the law first before you go to the online casino.

Be nice

Always be polite and respect other gamblers on the internet and in the traditional casino.

Trust the odds

Online gambling is based on probabilities. Successful gamblers are not so lucky, but they have good knowledge of all the winnings, they keep them, and they pay for it in the long run.

Never bet more than you can afford

casino betting

Gambling should be fun. It’s certainly not fun if you spend money in the casino that you saved for your holiday, for example.

Always set a limit that you must not exceed. If you are playing with the intention of winning money and not just “having fun”, we strongly recommend that you also set the winning amount at which you will leave the online casino (at least for a few hours).

The general recommendation speaks for three to five times the money deposited, but it is individual. If you win such a lot, you should take the money and play the next day.

Some people greatly multiply their deposit for one hour, let themselves be carried away, and during the next hour they are able to lose a substantial part of their winnings or the amount they have settled in the euphoria.

Play to win

Playing from home allows you to concentrate well. That’s why you should always think about taking a moment before each move or bet. There is no place to hurry.

Choose the best rules for you

Each casino has slightly different rules and often offers the same game with a few different rules. Always choose a game whose rules are best suited for you and where you feel the most certain.

online casinos payments

Play For Real Money: How To Pay In Online Casinos

Once you’ve met the selected online casino, you’ve tried free casino games and you know their rules, you’re ready to start betting.

You are sure you are interested in putting safe money into the online casino and mainly how to get it back if you win. Most online casinos usually accept bets by credit card, check, payment order or transfer. Alternative payment options are also very popular, for example, by specialized companies called online wallets.

Payments through these companies are very popular as they are fast, reliable, and as safe as bank transfer. You can always check the amount of your credit on your casino user account.

In case of winnings, each online casino has rules set differently. Some will send you money the same way you bet, often only to the amount you have bet.

The rest will be sent either by check or bank transfer, with the payout rate varies from casino to casino. Therefore, check this information before starting play.

Electronic transfers are often accompanied by a fee, either from a casino or a banking institution.

Credit cards

credit cards

Almost all casinos accept Visa and MasterCard cards, but some banks do not allow cardholders to execute such transactions. In addition, some credit card companies are introducing limitations on the amount of money you can deposit or withdraw from the online casino. For this reason, we recommend alternative forms of payment for your transactions, many casinos will even reward you with a bonus (for example, 10% of the deposit).



An internet payment system that allows you to move money between accounts. These accounts are identified by email addresses. Each account usually allows connection to one or more credit cards. PayPal belongs to Ebay, one of the largest internet companies registered and traded on several major stock exchanges in the world. That’s why you do not have to worry about this service.



Skrill (Moneybookers) is a tool that lets players safely send and receive money via email, instantly. Players can fund their account by credit card or bank transfer and then put money into the casino. This method saves time, payments are instantly sent / received, which eliminates long delays. In addition, everything you need to send or receive payments is an email address. No bank forms or checks.



Neteller is an online payment service (electronic wallet) where you can deposit money into your account and then use it for online payment. You can fund your Neteller account with a credit card or bank transfer. Neteller even provides the opportunity to set up your own Neteller payment card, from which you can choose to pay money anywhere in the world or pay it online.